For Pastors and Church Boards:

Swim With the Dolphins, Not With the Sharks! : Reduce Conflict to Increase Productivity  (full day training)

 Discover the one big secret to being heard, 7 tips for better synchronized swimming, more than a dozen techniques for working with difficult people, the way to diagnose and intervene in brewing storm, and a philosophical grounding of when to fight. Uses extended marine metaphor for a fun atmosphere.

 The Government is Not a Village: Why Churches should be in the Education business  (Half day training or, in Texas, full conference on how to set up a daycare )

 Education and especially early education is the most important and overlooked mission in America today. Besides, it will pay for itself!

 Church Growth: Community Dimension  (Two hours for pastors or Full day for congregational leaders)

 Dean Kelley may have been right about conservative churches growing because they are conservative, but there are a lot of lessons any church may use. * Church Growth/Membership Recruitment *Cultivating Community *Planning for Congregational Care (tbd)

 Comparative Religions  (16 hours)  “Outstanding: no fist-fights!”

 Great Shalom: God Wants Well-being for All Children   Personal testimony of overcoming tragedy and learning difficulties. Iconoclastic by encouraging for struggling students, parents, and grandparents. (Inquire)


For Church Affiliated Schools and Preschools:

Coaching for Director with training for Staff as needed

Is your church affiliated program all it needs to be? Are you meeting your mission? With grace and money, without undue conflict? Is there any real reason to think that your problems are going to go away — or just get worse?  How long until you have to shut your doors? How many children will be hurt?

If you need real change, then you need Sharon.  Lots of people can offer “canned” trainings.  Few to none offer any hope of organizational change.  With experience teaching in all levels and various positions in church and church related functions, with rapidly growing congregations, Sister Sharon brings a wealth of experience, wide experience in a variety of religious organizations, and rare problem solving ability.

Most of our seminars are applicable to congregation affiliated centers also. Here are a few that pertain to them specifically.

*Boardsmanship – How to Be The Board You Want

*How to Build the Culture You Want in Children’s Ministry Also consulting available – in English or in Spanish List Details. Also for Parents – Keynotes and seminars

*Getting to Yes or Just Say No – Positive Discipline management for preschoolers -forthcoming

*Making Home Sweet – Conflict Reduction in the Home

*Making Meetings More Productive

*Contending For, Not With your Students and their Parents — keynote or sermon

*Miracle Faith in the Classroom – Motivate your teachers to expect outstanding results

*Jesus’ Method of Teaching: Basic training for How to Teach in the Church

*How to Bless your Children *How to Manage in the Education Department : Planning, Leading, Organizing, and Evaluating!

*Ethnic Diversity in the Education Program

*Church growth and mission as relates to the CDC

*Membership Recruitment from “Sunday School”

Whether it is basic boardsmanship or training in cutting edges methods – Sharon can train your board OR maybe you need to hire her to facilitate? Let a professional do communication management, so your team can get somewhere Some other people do board training, but they have no idea how much harder and more multi-faceted it is to deal with church boards.

And who of these know early childhood? Sharon does! She has done it. Let her help you. Let her stay with you through the process. See a complete list of offerings. Details. Workshops are customizeable, tailored to your group. For additional investment, one may be constructed specially for your group. Appropriate pre- and post- work insures more change.

Please inquire. Let me know what you need.

Full consulting for organizational change including  fact finding, survey’s, research, coaching for major players, training, meeting facilitation and follow-up, all as needed, starts at $3,000. Please contact for application.

Remember — you are not looking for the cheapest seminar, but the greatest value for best change in your organization for highest service.

Presentations to pastors and church leaders to encourage starting child development centers, preschools and or schools.  Coaching or Consulting with ministry leaders on how to open, run, and interface with early childhood centers. Coming soon. If you want in on this, email me at If you want to get in on this before anyone else, and will pay consulting prices, you may call at 512/249-7629. I would be delighted to give you personalized service.



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