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Is Training Really Worth It?

Remember Henry Ford? He was the business breakthrough of his day. His innovations we depend upon today. What would you life be like without the automobile?   Without the assembly line?

Here is Henry Ford on the topic of training, but a business owner’s perspective:

The only thing worse than training  employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.

Think about it.

BTW, when times are hard, small businesses usually cut training first and advertising second. No wonder the failure rate is high among small businesses. Small or large, do not let this be true about your work group.


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Since I do many workshops on conflict reduction for school personnel, I am frequently asked to provide something on teaching conflict reduction to children. Finally, I have it!

Aware of the controversies, I didn’t want to speak until I had something to say. Now I have it! Time tested method and some new research. Bam! We now have peanut butter AND jelly! Together, great sandwiches!

So call me for a four hour workshop for your staff. Normally $480 + mileage & expenses outside of Austin metro, but now, through February 2017, only $420.

Call now 512-534-5425. Be sure to get your date! My schedule is filling up.

Think of how much good you will be doing for the world. Think of your parents, and even your students, grown, coming back to thank you. Think of how much better your classroom could be.

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Service in Training

I still bring practical ideas to teachers. Just finished this year’s round of teacher training. Had a great time with some leading teachers.

Ha! They asked for even higher level of information. For a minutes this really crunched, twisted and upset me. The industry is working so very hard to get trainers, and even college instructors, to give less and less info. Yes. Of course, they would be upset by having it put that way. “Active Learning” is what they would call it. Of course, I understand humor and activities and application, but if you press on that button so much that the trainer is not permitted to speak, and if you load up humor and activities that really aren’t related, what you are doing is reducing the content. In some quarter this is exactly what is wanted.

Well, not in this center. I ask what their best training experience has been — so I can shoot in the same direction. “She gave us so much material we couldn’t write fast enough!” WHAT? Oh, this is not what the state folks, the federal folks, the famous professional association wants. But if that is what my client wants, great, let me give that. You want “take aways” — tips for what to do tomorrow? Okay, I gave them 101.

And that is business too: figure out who your customer is, and provide the best solution for your customer. Okay, but what about….all that I am taught to do? Except for ethical naggings, the other voices must be relegated, at best, for another day. If it is good info, offer it to the client, but you are the servant leader; the client decides.So let me know what your needs are – fun or fulsome – and we will fit the bill.

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See you at the AAEYC Conference April 10 & 11

I will be speaking on Assessments at the upcoming AEYC Conference, April 10 & 11 at the ACC Eastview campus. Even experienced directors will find it worthwhile to come to hear what I have to say; I won’t say what you have heard over and over from others. Ever wondered  what the difference was between norm based and criterion based? Ever wonder how assessments could be used positively?  Every wonder what all the confusion was around testing? I can answer your questions.  Imagine having a real benefit, head and shoulders above the other centers around for your assessment. Imagine having no worries about your children’s transition to their next school. Imagine having no worries about how you will speak to their parents about this. You do not have to be an AEYC member to come. I will look for you!

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Training in SECURITY Th 1/15/2015 for Directors

Gregg Bourland, head of the JCC security and trainer to law enforcement personnel will speak to the Judeo-Christian Directors’ group on Thursday January 15th at noon to one.  Please register by calling Sharon at 512/249-7629 before T noon, so we can get a count for lunch and for directions to location.  Yes, once again, we are being treated to a free lunch. This is a vital topic and you will all want to come.

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Ferguson Says Diversity Training Still Very Relevant

I started doing “diversity training” back in the 1990s. I was wondering if it were really a “dead horse.”  Recent seminar feedback (diversity doesn’t apply here) and recent news (Ferguson. MO) suggest that it is still very relevant today. Please keep me in mind as your diversity trainer. Unlike most, I have a Master’s in Sociology and real experience dealing across barriers in a successful manner.  Yes, even if you are “just training in early childhood.”  Yes, especially if you are training any sort of teacher, you need someone with broad background, practical yes, but also scientific.  Not just someone pushing the latest trend. I have some thought-through and tested ideas — ideas that seem to be entirely new to most. Don’t be hemmed in by looking just where your feet are.  Look around to see where you might go.  Then find someone who knows the landscape, and follow her.  Call me today to book me for any training having to do with diversity or conflict reduction. 512/249-7629.


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Comments from New Training on Character Development at MNKA

Part I Character Formation is the Secret to academic success, classroom management, and positive guidance

You kept everything light and moving along. It was great.

Thanks so much for doing this topic (character development). I’ve been saying this for a long time and no one seems to be hearing me. You have confirmed that I am not losing my mind. Thanks so much!

Great to discover that character development is important for academic success.

Loved the opportunity to share ideas with colleagues, applying Biblical principles, and importance of character training

Speaker is knowledgeable and has great stories

Best: was to remember to incorporate the love of God/Jesus while handling discipline and other issues in the classroom

intelligent speaker, loved the focus on character development (SS: Obviously this is not a referendum on my IQ. What I think is meant is  “Finally! Some content!” I aim at what is today high school level, which is much higher than many the aim of many other ECD trainers. I bill myself as a high content speaker. I aim at giving you at least some tidbits of content and not just fluff or a chance to sleep.)

I really like how she includes all the faith training and character formation. This is missing from many preschool trainings. Great! Thank You!

Part Two – Diversity – Ethnic and SES

I am looking forward to applying methods learned and discussed.

Good topics; Very informative – good speaker
Liked Best: diversity  to communicate with parents and focus on the language barrier
good speaker very knowledgeable
Best: Be mindful of people’s background and be respectful of diversity
I enjoyed the diversity information from Ruby Payne.
Best: Reminding me to be more sensitive to diversity.

Needs improvement? Can’t imagine what.

I like her straight talk!

And also some very amazing comments

She wasn’t prepared: her remote control and laptop didn’t work, so there were no PowerPoint. (SS: no, there was no remote control. The laptop was a stopgap because the Post Office box wouldn’t open, so I couldn’t bring the new books to sell. The reason it “didn’t work” was that I couldn’t get on to the church’s wifi. But that is not related to the workshop. There was no PowerPoint.)
Improve: PowerPoint Slides (SS:We are getting death by PowerPoint. It dumbs down the learning, eliminates the discussion and is a way for people to go to sleep. That is why I have gone back to the old style handouts that one takes home and looks at later. In the session, I want people listening and talking. I know it is hard for some who are addicted to screens to realize that they are part of the learning, but that is the way it is. There was no PowerPoint – on purpose – because I want people to learn. )

Diversity does not have anything to do with my job in teaching pre-K.
We are all white. (SS: No, this is not factual. We were not all Euro-American in that room, even. WOW! I thought diversity was a topic that was dead through overuse. I guess not! Thanks for the feedback! )

It did not really apply to our school… good info for real life though.

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“You kept everything light and moving along. It was great.” MNKA member

“Thanks so much for doing this topic! I’ve been saying this for a long time and no one seems to be hearing me. You have confirmed that I’m not losing my mind. THANK YOU!” MNKA Member

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