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Character Development Arising

I got a report at a conference yesterday that more public schools are adopting character development into their curricula. As you know I have been a supporter of this move for a few years. When I started there were at most only 4 other initiatives. Not only do teachers realize this is better for classroom management but also administrators may be finally realizing that studies show that charcter development results in better academic statistics.  Thank goodness for those who have taken some leadership  recently! Today there is a rating for public schools based on how much character development they offer. YAY!

I am continuing to suggest to CDCs that they have me in for teacher training on lesson plans for character development. I am now representing a publishing house for elementary level books in this category.  Please contact me for 1) speaking engagements anywhere 2) consulting for center/school culture in Texas or 3)  for vending character books in Austin, Houston, Dallas or Lubbock.  Please let me know if I can be of help in anyway. 512-249-7629.


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Time Now to Get Me in August

August is a busy month for teachers getting ready for the school year. For a teacher trainer, it is her busiest month. Get me now!

512-249-7629 desk phone, no texting  Take “NOSPAM” out manually and it should work. But if not, please call.

Faq: What topics do I do for ECD teachers? I have something in every category the Registry has established. Right now, I am especially doing conflict reduction both for adults and children and I am interested in character development. I have a great workshop on developing lesson plans around the character trait the teacher picks. I also am doing storytelling — of course around a character trait you pick.

What do I charge? I am still charging only $120 a presentation hour to early childhood centers. Plus travel expenses outside of metro Austin. Half down to save the date!

Can I give certificates for clock hours? Absolutely. I am Registry Recognized, so it is positively absolutely certain that your Licensing Rep will accept my certificate.

Can you come on x date? That is not certain. Other centers are calling, so call right away to get the date you want. 512-249-7629 desk phone.



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One Best Thing to do to Reduce Employee Turnover! Surprising!

Lots of my clients got in a management position because they loved what they were doing: teaching children, making furniture, preaching — not because they wanted to read management books. Now, they are, however, managers. One of the biggest challenges is to keep good employees. Wouldn’t you like to know how to do that? How to reduce turnover? How to make good employees great? How to avoid having to start all over again with a new employee — that great gamble? And the answer is — based on both scientific study and experience and taught by the most famous management guru – drum roll — is staff meetings.

WHAT? Right. Ken Blanchard recommends two staff meetings a week. In these staff meetings, you let your employees know what you want. You find out what problems they are having. You let them feel like a team. You avoid conflict. You also train them. Good meetings are often overlooked tool in managing people. Bad meetings are bad. Good meetings work. I can help. I train managers (pastors, owners and whoever runs meetings) how to do better meetings. I can also be part of the training of your staff. Plan your meetings now.   Oh, an anyone who engages me during January 2017, will receive a 20% discount. Have a great year.

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Newsletter coming soon

WOW! Is it a busy month! Almost up to my zippy self, but having triple demands on my time. So apologies for late newsletter, and for being so quiet to my Christian Director friends. Great things in the works, though. Stay tuned!

New online training will be up by the end of the month, too.

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Comments from New Training on Character Development at MNKA

Part I Character Formation is the Secret to academic success, classroom management, and positive guidance

You kept everything light and moving along. It was great.

Thanks so much for doing this topic (character development). I’ve been saying this for a long time and no one seems to be hearing me. You have confirmed that I am not losing my mind. Thanks so much!

Great to discover that character development is important for academic success.

Loved the opportunity to share ideas with colleagues, applying Biblical principles, and importance of character training

Speaker is knowledgeable and has great stories

Best: was to remember to incorporate the love of God/Jesus while handling discipline and other issues in the classroom

intelligent speaker, loved the focus on character development (SS: Obviously this is not a referendum on my IQ. What I think is meant is  “Finally! Some content!” I aim at what is today high school level, which is much higher than many the aim of many other ECD trainers. I bill myself as a high content speaker. I aim at giving you at least some tidbits of content and not just fluff or a chance to sleep.)

I really like how she includes all the faith training and character formation. This is missing from many preschool trainings. Great! Thank You!

Part Two – Diversity – Ethnic and SES

I am looking forward to applying methods learned and discussed.

Good topics; Very informative – good speaker
Liked Best: diversity  to communicate with parents and focus on the language barrier
good speaker very knowledgeable
Best: Be mindful of people’s background and be respectful of diversity
I enjoyed the diversity information from Ruby Payne.
Best: Reminding me to be more sensitive to diversity.

Needs improvement? Can’t imagine what.

I like her straight talk!

And also some very amazing comments

She wasn’t prepared: her remote control and laptop didn’t work, so there were no PowerPoint. (SS: no, there was no remote control. The laptop was a stopgap because the Post Office box wouldn’t open, so I couldn’t bring the new books to sell. The reason it “didn’t work” was that I couldn’t get on to the church’s wifi. But that is not related to the workshop. There was no PowerPoint.)
Improve: PowerPoint Slides (SS:We are getting death by PowerPoint. It dumbs down the learning, eliminates the discussion and is a way for people to go to sleep. That is why I have gone back to the old style handouts that one takes home and looks at later. In the session, I want people listening and talking. I know it is hard for some who are addicted to screens to realize that they are part of the learning, but that is the way it is. There was no PowerPoint – on purpose – because I want people to learn. )

Diversity does not have anything to do with my job in teaching pre-K.
We are all white. (SS: No, this is not factual. We were not all Euro-American in that room, even. WOW! I thought diversity was a topic that was dead through overuse. I guess not! Thanks for the feedback! )

It did not really apply to our school… good info for real life though.

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News for Family Day Home Operators

I do now how some online courses up, some of which would be good for Family Day Home Operators. How will I let them know about that?  This post!

I would like to reach out to those who take care of children in their homes. Here in Texas, we traditionally call you all “Family Day Home Operators”  but you could be “Home Daycares,””Micro Schools” or “Rent-a-Mom.” LOL

Anyway, I would like to serve you and I can’t call each one of you. It would be best if I could alert you to important items such as an announcement of my coming to your city or online courses being posted, via email. Only email makes it financially feasible. But given the spam laws, you have to “opt-in.”  I know I hate that, because when I do opt in, then I get an avalanche of worthless newsletters, just so I can get the info I want. Well, I won’t do that to you. I won’t avalanche you; I will send you only important announcements. I won’t sell, rent, or share the list either.

So please sign up for announcements. You may unsubscribe at any time, but just remember you did this (rather than saying I spammed you. People do that and that is one reason why marketers say one must send newsletters.)

Oops — still working on getting a sign up form. Until then, just email me at


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The Best Secret to Getting Good New Hires

Ever tear your hair out with your employees? Part of avoiding that is hiring the right people, and I talk about my secrets in the audio training for Directors. But there is more to it: setting them on the right track to start with. That is about training.  I know you wish I could be there to do that for you. Well, I could be — on CDs.

Some directors already used a pre-service tool, but they asked me to make a Pre-Service Manual for them. Other material just didn’t meet their needs. They said, some were out-dated and one was just too fluffy without the content they needed.  So Sharon made a pre-service manual for them — and for you.

I put the 8 hours that Texas Licensing requires before you let an employee in the classroom. There are some activities to do, to cement the learning. There are photocopiable multiple choice tests. There is even a certificate you can photocopy — so you can use it again and again.

Let me know what else you need.

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“Speaker was at ease and able to relate to all participants. All was very good! ” MNKA member

“You kept everything light and moving along. It was great.” MNKA member

“Thanks so much for doing this topic! I’ve been saying this for a long time and no one seems to be hearing me. You have confirmed that I’m not losing my mind. THANK YOU!” MNKA Member

“We sincerely appreciate the time and effort you put into your presentation. Your presentation was a real blessing to the participants, judging from their evaluations. –Terri Sloan, Weekday Ministries Conference

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